Hi guys, before I begin my guide section, I’d want to show you all my base and how I achieved it. I’m a player who played CoC for less than 2 years now and below is my base:


Many players have played for more than 3 years to achieve what I did in 2 years. How is that so? Because they maxed and I rushed. Rushing is only detrimental if you don’t know how, to the enlightened, rushing is always superior to maxing.

I’ll slowly introduce posts to explain why rushing is superior, this post is just one to showcase and brag on my own progress 🙂


  1. To quote Youtube comments: “A legend was born.”

    Also I’m curious, how did you rush successfully before April 2016 and December 2015, the updates (I believe) that significantly buffed rushing?


    • I just rushed. Rushing used to give marginal benefits until those buffs you mentioned. It used to be a parallel pathway which doesn’t harm you. Now you are outright disadvantaged if you don’t rush


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