I’ll post up (hopefully) everyday about the decisions and choices I make for my alt account, in hopes of showing people how to rush properly, and to dispel the myth that rushing requires a ton of activity and dedication, and is harder than maxing. In fact, rushing when done properly, is easier eventually to play and will outperform any maxer in the world as long as you do it right.

I created my mini on 22nd May 2016, I’ll detail almost everything in my journey including choices of upgrades, decision making process and attack/defense strategies to help other rushers to achieve the same goal.

Here’s my account:


I bought 1200 gems straightaway to help myself rushing. This isn’t compulsory, but would really aide the journey along. Having almost 4 builders from the get go means we don’t need to spend idle time at any TH until TH7, so we’re rushing there straightaway!

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