Journal entries would be set on the end of a day. So day 2 means “the end of day 2”.


Its been barely 12 hours since I reached TH4 and I quickly pushed up to TH5. I know loot will only get better if I move up, and 2 days is almost enough to max everything in TH4 using 3 builders.

The most significant thing of TH4 is that you unlock the 3rd barracks, allow you to upgrade one easily with the full training speed of a TH3. With 2 camps only, it is easy to fill up the camps with just 2 active barracks and maintain farming speed. That’s why I told you guys to hold off barracks in TH3 and focus on them in TH4.

Notice how, even at such a low TH level, I’m already beginning to min-max my journey. My hope is that people read my blog posts and understand how I think and teach people how to emulate and learn to think critically like I do. Maxing is mindless and slow, don’t follow the masses who are mostly idiots. Do things with the best efficacy and you’ll excel in game, and in life.


Loot becomes better in TH4 compared to TH3 eh? TH5 and TH6 are even better, that’s why I moved up asap.


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