Being a TH5 again is fun, especially with maxed troops in my CC to own enemies. The 3rd army camp really improve offense by a huge margin not to mention the upgrades to barbs. I’m upgrading barbs to lvl3 right now hoping they make a decent impact. As usual, elixir is too easy to come by while gold is all dumped into walls.Screenshot_2016-05-27-07-07-04

If you can guess, I upgraded my gold storage 12 hrs after reaching TH5 and upgraded my TH immediately after it was done. It takes 4 whole days to reach TH6, since I have 4 builders, I’ll tie one up for 4 days while 3 more finishes all important upgrades that are needed for me to thrive in TH6. Loot is pretty decent here, even with weak barbs.


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