So terribly sorry because I forgotten to take a picture of my base in the last 2 days. Here’s my base after almost half day in day 12.


Yeap, despite me hating on it, I’ve nearly maxed walls. Its actually very easy to max walls in TH6, 75k * 125 = 9.3mil. Farming 1mil between upgrades and dumping it before it completes allows almost 12 walls per upgrade.


See the main problem of being a TH6? Nothing you do will be able to stop TH7s roflstomping you. Its utter madness that your defense is built to stop 150 space, lvl3 troops but the ones attacking you have 200 space, lvl4 troops (>20% stronger) and a hero!

Don’t linger in this stupid TH. Remember the lesson here, your defenses are built to defend against same TH, but the ones who hit you are inevitably high TH levels, so defenses are pointless. No reason not to rush!

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