Getting closer and closer to TH7, I can’t wait. TH6 is quite boring, especially after maxing walls.


A common mistake people do is staying in a TH after they’ve maxed walls. Obviously, by maxing walls, you show that your farming capabilities far exceed your TH level. So rushing up a TH level would help you the most because you can farm more now.

A person who maxes TH8 walls before defenses needs >3mil gold/day. After maxing walls, loot gain per day will drop to 500k because the farmer doesn’t have anything left to farm for, that’s a staggering 2.5mil gold loss per day! The best choice is to rush up a TH level asap, and if loot penalty exists, the player farms 2.5mil gold/day, which is a tiny 500k loss per day.


Loot can be better


This is what I mean by the futility of defenses. I’m getting raided exclusively by TH7s, because it is not worth it for a TH6 to touch me. And no TH6 can stop a TH7 ever

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