In just half a month, I’m at TH7 already, going to work on my first hero. TH7 is a great place to catch up because there’s a lot of offensive upgrades to be done. The problem here is that gold requirements are twice as much as elixir ones. So sooner or later I’ll need to rush to TH8 and TH9 to relieve that.


Because there’s no CC upgrades all gold can be used to unlock lvl1 new defenses and rest into walls. The 4th barracks is the most important upgrades, allowing 3 active barracks while I can max all of them slowly. I plan to stay in TH7 for 2 to 4 weeks, let’s see how long I last here.


These are my troop levels if anyone is interested to know.


Loot is admittedly quite good here, but once elixir runs out of use, it’ll be a 50% loot penalty. Compared to my TH10 account who pulls 300k each easily

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