Well, if I were a TH6 now I would still be at 0 DE and lvl 0 BK with nowhere near to having a barbarian king. That’s why its almost stupid to stay in lower TH levels when going up earlier would benefit one the most.  Nothing much changed here actually, still doing upgrades. Haven’t even placed my teslas because didn’t felt the need


As for loot, it seems good but still pales in comparison to TH9 or TH10


I relied quite heavily on hogs if you can see. You don’t need to rely on hogs, but I feel it helps out a lot when farming especially since I can’t find collectors as easy as my TH10 account. DE is actually decent using hogs to hunt other TH7s and sometimes badly built TH8s.


I think the more important thing for people to see is my defense log. Notice that even with weak defenses, I cannot lose more than 250k/250k. That’s the biggest thing I facepalm when people say they’re crushed continually. Maxers might get away with losing slightly less loot, but 150k lost vs 250k lost isn’t a very big deal especially considering all the effort and time maxers take to max their defenses

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