Started my tesla already because why not. Its a free 34 dps for a day’s upgrade, which is much faster than any other upgrade I can do. See, that’s why adding new defenses help so much more than upgrading levels. If people are interested, I’ll just post some numbers showing the calculations and why a rushed TH can defend better than a maxed TH below it (rushed TH9 defends better than a maxed TH8)


As for loot


Its actually as good as my TH10. Unfortunately this is an isolated lucky incident whereas my TH10 farms at this amount every single raid. Leave comments or pm if someone wants me to post stuff about my TH10 alt 🙂


  1. TH10 alt would be cool to see as well on a blog. I am in the midst of catching up with my lab upgrades/leveling up queen/walls on my TH9, but will be heading off to TH10 next month I predict. Would be cool to see what is recommended for upgrades/farming army.


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