The first month of my account is up. Unlike most maxers who would still be in TH4-6 by now, I’m well on my way to TH8. With lvl4 barch and 200 camp space, anyone can farm in TH7 easily. It seems to me that there is no point staying in TH3-6 for any amount of time. If you have gems, besides spending on builders, the next thing you could do is speed up your barch and barracks levels on the way to TH7



I still rely on cc hogs for these hits, but actually they’re not really needed unless farming for DE. That looks about like my average loot. If you cannot find many TH7/8 collectors, just spamming barch on TH6s is good enough for loot (around 160k each)


Despite having such rushed defenses, I’m still being hit by TH8s who can only steal 200k each from me, instead of a TH7 who can hit me for 250k.

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