I’d like to show you all my TH10 which I’ve upgraded around 1.5 months ago.


Using the Crows for DE defense, so far my DE is rarely touched so I’m happy with the base. Maxed infernos right off the bat yet seeing no improvement on defense, because now I’m being hit by much stronger armies. Didn’t really rush this account, but forumers would love to criticize half skull walls and 15/20 heroes when I upgraded. Still working on some offense structures, and some new stuff aren’t maxed yet but they’ll be maxed eventually.

Maxers love to quote that maxing TH9 makes the transition into TH10 a cakewalk, but in reality, TH10 is one of the easiest transitions into a new TH level. Elixir requirement is lower than TH9 initially, and takes longer to build. Gold requirements are only for infernos and are side income from elixir farming. DE farming is not required as a new TH10 as one settles in. After getting lvl7 barch and 240 camp space, TH10 becomes too easy, as I can get 3-5mil gold + 30k DE per day with around 15 raids per day


This is the top of my current attack log and you can see why loot is so insanely great. At C2, every 50% nets me an additional 44k loot bonus which makes my gold and elixir income over the roof with every raid worth over 400k each not to mention the DE.

Just because of the ease of farming alone, I’d say that is sufficient reason to rush to TH10. There are other reasons as well, which I’ll cover as I work on my TH10 guide. Stay tuned!

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