Still on the grind for AQ, and that’s all every new TH9 should focus on. AQ takes 52.5 days to reach lvl15, so the lesser she sleeps, the earlier you reach that goal, simple really.


Attack log:


And this is how I’m getting my DE primarily. CC bowlers make short work of most TH8 cores, along with help of my premie heal and rage spells. Can’t wait till I get lvl6 giants who alone will maul those maxers

Defense log:


I changed base after the 3rd attack shown in the attack log. The thing is, despite maxing, that attack will still probably rob me of at least 280k. So the maxer only has an advantage of 70k conservation, while spending hundreds of millions of gold and months into defenses for a tiny saving! Furthermore, I get to work on heroes far earlier than any maxer can dream of. See why I always say rushing is certainly the best route for any serious gamer.

2 Aug – 11.6mil total resources, 18.5k DE; avg: 242k gold, 770 DE. Total 24 raids


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