Changing the format for how I name the days. Makes no sense to state the amount of days I have played in total, just going to show how many days I stay in current TH level.

Well, another day and another grind. Still got my builders working on storages so I can farm the entire day and keep dumping loot in the process. Rusher’s adage: offense > resources > defense. While 3 builders are working on offense, I’m using my last builder to increase my resource buildings. After camps, its probably dark spell factory, dark barracks and normal barracks next.


Got 4 builders coming free today, so I can farm a ton today coupled with the 1 gem boost, I’m expecting tons of loot 🙂 Using pure barch now because I don’t need extra DE anymore, the next AQ level is just 40k and I’ve gotten much more than that.


This is the beauty of having a weak base, weak attackers strike me. I’m using a cc of baby drag, 2 valks, 2 arch, gob, barb. With this, I can decimate the entire legion of giants and get them attacking the bk they bring. Idiot attackers are everywhere and my goal is to attract them to hit me before those who are skilled do.




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