Today is the 3rd month of playing for my account and here’s my progress: (the pic is from 22nd Aug)


Compare that with:

Since that day, I’ve already got a lvl10 AQ going into lvl11, I’ve maxed my skulls and done most TH9 offense upgrades. I’ve got drills going and upgrading hopefully to max and have lvl6 barbs and lvl6 giants done in lab.

Find a maxer who played for 3 months, where is that player now? Probably somewhere near maxed TH7 with no better defense log, worse loot and lvl5 BK. By rushing, I’ve surpassed almost all players who played 3 months earlier than me and only rushers who went into TH9 earlier can be ahead of me.

If you notice my lab, I’ve got wallbreakers upgrading, this is because I couldn’t farm enough for archers lvl6 in time. This is a lesser known advantage of rushing, that I can upgrade cheaper things instead of having idle builders/lab and farming for an upgrade I desperately need. So when I cannot manage a 6mil upgrade, I do a 2mil one instead to keep my things busy. Sometimes we have busy stretches in life, like exams or projects when we cannot farm for upgrades we need. If you maxed, all your upgrades will be expensive and you cannot keep builders and lab busy = inefficiency. If you rushed, you’ll always have cheap upgrades lying around so that you can always keep builders and lab busy.

People always have the misconception that rushing is for hardcore players, it is actually a very good way to casuals to progress.


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