My next pic has skipped 3 days of progress, this is from 16th Aug. Now I’m working on my storages, DE drill and dark barracks. Remember, offense > resources > defenses. There’s absolutely no point in upgrading defenses because I’m still not losing much due to having TH5 defenses.

The elixir requirements are huge so as you can see, by farming that elixir, I can easily do many skulls. Compare that with a TH8 maxer, who wastes all that elixir while working on walls. At this point, I only have about 20 purple walls left despite coming into TH9 with 150 purples.


You can see below that I’m not losing much in defenses as well. This is because noobs are attacking me, while a maxer will be pummeled by much better attackers and suffer worse loot loss.


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