Due to my commitments in real life, I’ve forgotten to take screen shots everyday. This picture was taken on 19th Aug.

At this point, I think my AQ is already going to lvl10 with 1 day to go. My storages are nearly maxed now and I can farm a lot while waiting between upgrades. Remember, never stop farming after you achieved your target resources for the next upgrade, always farm extra because you’ll want to dump extra loot into walls.

4 builders: 1 on AQ, 1 on gold storage, 1 on drill, 1 on dark barracks. I’m only 140 gems away from my 5th builder who would be key in my second stage of being a TH9. My TH9 guide will be split into 3 parts just like my rushing guide, so once I’m done being a “new TH9”, I’ll write up that guide and publish it.


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