Well this is my base for 23rd Aug. I made a grave mistake here, I planned my builders poorly and now I’m capped gold and nearly elixir too with 1.5 days left for my next upgrade. Having capped loot and farming for your non-capped resources is a huge wastage. This is the entire premise of skipping most of TH8, because almost all elixir is bound to be wasted, crippling yourself with a self-inflicted 50% loot penalty.


Well, I have no choice but to leave this account out of farming for a while and focus on my TH10 account.


A forumer previously asked me “how did you farm elixir and DE so fast together”? Because to most people, elixir is sacrificed to farm DE while DE can be sacrificed to farm elixir. This is entirely false and an inefficient way of farming. Farming should be assumed to be collector raiding unless indicated otherwise.

Except for TH8/9, collector raiding should be your primary income source because at TH10/11, you can get almost all your DE needs from attacking dead drills. Attacking storages is highly inefficient unless you’re at TH8/9.

Why is that so? Because we have a ton of misguided players sticking around in TH8. As I said on top, farming in TH8 is self crippling and defeating. Yet we have an abundance of these players sticking out to max TH8, which is a good thing for us rushers. Because it means that elixir and DE can be farmed together easily as seen in the attack log above. These misguided players are a key source of loot because they’re so easy to take down, with just lvl6 giants and decent cc troops

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