Just want to share a picture from my TH10, showing why it is almost dumb to stay in TH9 for long periods of time. Every raid done in TH10 is worth far more and allows a casual player to progress faster than staying in TH9


My AQ is awake, which can indicate disaster. But the thing about rushing is that I have an underleveled BK as well. I did valks lvl5 in lab and BK lvl18 together instead of my usual AQ level. This will prolong my time taken to max AQ definitely, but it will still allow me to do dark troops I want in lab.

Notice that I have 171k DE available, so with my next builder free in less than 6 hrs, I’ll use him to upgrade AQ to lvl33. If I had stayed in TH9, I would still be severely lacking in heroes and definitely lacking in offense because of the artificial limit in TH9 and much worse loot in TH9

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