At last, a month since I’ve been a TH9! So far, I’m at AQ lvl11 going to 12. That’s the speed a good farmer would be in TH9. I do hope I get her to 20 asap then I might just rush myself to TH10 again.

As you can see, I couldn’t afford to upgrade lab again, so I’m doing a 3 day upgrade of wizards to lvl4. See, being rushed isn’t that bad. I’ll re-iterate the advantage of rushing, its that I always have cheap upgrades available whenever I cannot farm for an expensive upgrade.

I had a party yesterday which ended quite late and woke up today at 8am. I usually wake at 5am and start farming till 7am at least, which was my plan to get from 3.2mil to 6mil. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to wake early enough so I ended up doing wizards lvl3 instead. Sub-optimal play, but better than no play. Imagine if I were a maxer, all lab upgrades would be >4.5mil, how would I afford anything if I overslept? Then I’ll be stuck with an idle lab until I could farm enough for the next upgrade. An idle lab is a disaster because lab is the only bottleneck in this game.


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