Started off well today, 2 days to go on AQ and I’m already 55k ahead of my target. That’s how farming should be and achieve, steady loot gain and completes all objectives set for the day. Gotten 5mil early in the morning and started my first lvl6 drill.

At TH9, the hardest non-hero upgrade to me are the drills, at 3/4/5mil a piece and 4/6/8 days respectively. If doing both at once, that’s 3 mil per day just to sustain them. Doing that with lab upgrades and dark barracks/spell factory makes it even harder. For now, my base DE production is zero but since AQ is so cheap from 12-15, its all ok. Afterwards when it matters, I’ll have 5.4k daily DE production to help get my AQ to lvl20


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