Having tried the new update for a few days, I’ll now comment on what I think about it. The meta before this update consisted of mainly 2 attacks: mass bowlers and mass miners with some variation on deployment, QW, spell choice etc.

Before we begin, non-TH11 folks need to know that QW was already inferior to bowler walk and straight mass miners. Only in the hands of the skilled or “blessed” by mods can it outperform the other 2 choices, so it was already not popular among many players. In my experience, I’m a QW user but mostly my 3 star rate is lower than my fellow clanmates who are mainly using BW+mass bowlers or straight mass miners (because I suck)

The update was:

  1. Increasing cannon dps for TH9-11
  2. Healer trigger traps again
  3. Miner’s movement speed reduced
  4. Eagle activation after 180 troops instead of 150.

I’ll address the simpler ones first. Increasing cannon dps is a direct nerf to all ground troops, at TH9 that’s a 5 dps increase which admittedly isn’t much. Cannons do deserve some love, with smaller range compared to AT, lower firing rate (thus missing more often) and cannot hit air, you’d think that cannons should be superior in damage to compensate. Well, this patch fixes that issue, albeit quite slightly. At TH11, its a 10 dps buff which is still admittedly small when you’re opening with BK or golems. But if you’re using QW, you’ll see that your AQ is lose hp rapidly even with just a cannon and an xbow targeting her, as if QW isn’t nerfed enough.

Eagle activation. I see this as a good step, but its still quite small. 2 golems, 2 spells, 3 heroes and opening valks/bowlers easily activate it still and makes little difference. Worse is, opening ks is often far weaker than mass miners or bowlers unless, again, one is very skilled or touched by the unholy God.

Miners. This one I cannot brain. Moving slower and getting healed underground? Yes, please! This is the only troop that matters now, post update we’ve seen tons of players switching over from bowlers to miners. Slower movement means that GW follows better too, and rage spell really makes them decimate the entire core.

Healers. With QW already weaker, they decided to nerf her further. This one I cannot brain as well. What happened to promoting more skilled and multiphase attacks? The only multiphase attack now is bowler+miners but they’re still overall weaker compared to mass bowlers/miners unless one is skilled or practised a hundred times. This update also made mass bowlers weaker because not enough healers hence bowlers survive till the end of the raid; and also all giant+healer comps are dead (oops TH9s).

That my “concise” opinion about the update. Let me know what you think in the comments


  1. I have noticed a change in TH9 now as well, healers have been totally nerfed now, and giant walks are out. (My queen was never high enough for a queen walk at lv 15) For war attacks I have been using go/wiz/valks, and have noticed it’s no longer as easy to do, the small upgrade in the cannons seems to be giving me a lot of high damage 2 stars, where I would have 3 starred previously. Then again, I am not blessed, and generally suck at war attacks. lol


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