Just a showcase of the farming raids I did today.


I love doing raids like these, they are maxed TH8s who couldn’t stop a rushed TH9 attack. Just goes to show how futile maxing is, because they’re didn’t defend better compared to me (except maybe barely stopping the 3 star)


Poor guy, semi inactive but overflowing elixir, took every last drop.


Again, another one. This is why farming should consist of storage bullying the TH below and collector raiding your own TH. Too bad SC nerfed the bullying and made it 20% loot penalty, imagine if it were only 10%.


3rd raid, can’t see the advantage of maxing defenses because it did nothing to stop me. This is what maxers should understand, you’re getting wrecked regardless of defenses, so better spend your precious builder time and gold on things that are more worthwhile, because defense aren’t stopping an attacker from taking all your loot

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