Got my AQ down and going. BK lvl13 is around 3 days away and only costs 55k to upgrade. Let’s see if I can get enough by then, but AQ will cost 80k in 4 days after BK is done. That brings the total to 135k required in 7 days (almost 20k per day), I need to farm hard for that.

Good thing is, almost all my elixir upgrades are done now and the only things left are barracks and lab. This frees me to farm dark elixir exclusively and disregard the costs of my army.

In another 5 days, I can do goblin knife for exclusive DE farming, so that’s quite exciting. After my builders are mostly finished with elixir upgrades, I’m going to assign 2 builders to work on collectors, getting them as maxed as possible before jumping to TH10. I’m planning to go to TH10 in another 1-2 months (yeah, slow)


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