50th day in TH9!

These last few posts will end my journey as an early TH9 and I’ll move on as a “mid-level” TH9. Regardless of defense, a TH9 who has maxed all their elixir buildings and have a lvl15 AQ is considered mid-level to me. Because after that, farming becomes simplistic that I only need DE for heroes and gold for defenses.

Since my defenses are weak, its very easy to upgrade them. Before doing defenses though, I’ll work on collectors because they’ll give me more bang for buck in comparison. Upgrading defenses can take 3-5 months to catch up for minimal benefit, but maxing collectors can immediately cover up losses for 2 raids per day, reducing loot loss significantly more than defenses can ever achieve.


Done my farming for the day, so don’t be surprised at the amount of DE I have


      • Before I saw your guides, I just would max everything and then upgrade to the next townhall. I am now aTh9 with maxed troops and potions (elixir and DE), and all defenses except air sweepers and a few traps. My walls are about 100 legos and 150 skull walls. Heroes are both at lv 15. (I’ve been playing since Jan 2015)
        Of course I have the Th10s in my clan telling me to max my walls to lava and get my heroes higher, at least lv 20 before I upgrade. I am tempted to do it now, even though initially I will make lower loot at TH10, until I get my raiding troops leveled up.
        What are your thoughts? My lab is dark, and will be so until I go to TH 10.


      • TH10 overall has better loot than TH9 so going up early is definitely something you want to do. But seeing your hero levels, you’ll need to pledge some self-discipline: you need to force yourself to upgrade your AQ non-stop while in TH10.

        After at least the first 2 weeks of TH10, you need to force yourself to keep upgrading AQ and get her maxed within 25-30 weeks of being a TH10. By the end of it, you’ll be a TH10 with maxed defenses and AQ, ready to go to TH11. 15/40 royals are good enough to be a TH11 because BK is pretty weak regardless.

        Your wall levels aren’t impressive either, so maybe keep a builder free in TH10 is a good idea, after the initial stage of expensive elixir usage.

        I can go ahead of my schedule and post an “early TH10 guide” for your reference


  1. I see you are in Asia, your time zone is 14 hours ahead of me. I’m on Pacific time in Western Canada. As I leave this message, it’s 1:45 pm Sept 17th. I was wondering how you could farm so well in the early morning, usually the worst loot time for me. My best loot time is coming up in a couple of hours until 7pm my time.


  2. Right now, I’m still working on a good way to farm DE at TH 9. Collector raids usually dont give me very much and the bases that have over 3k DE are well protected and difficult to reach with elixir troops. I have been jumping up and down leagues as well hoping to find a sweet spot, but it seems lately i can get maybe 1-1.5k DE max per raid. I tried goblin knife, but the spells burn through the elixir quickly, and then i have to elixir raid. And I keep blowing off all the th10s since they are too hard for me. TH8 usually only show under 1k DE, so I don’t bother with them either. I have looked at your army setups, but, I’m not sure how you are deploying them. Have you ever considered posting some attacks on youtube?


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