Forgotten to upgrade collectors yesterday evening (working on 12hr collectors) so now I’m just upgrading them.

DE is a good position, aimed 110k and I got 122k. AQ only costs 80k this level, so I’ll have 42k leftover. BK is only 60k the next level so I’ll easily afford it since I have 2 days to farm for that 18k.

With AQ done at lvl15 and all my elixir buildings are done (bar barracks), I’ve officially graduated from my new TH9 status! It took me 53 days but I’ve done it, kept AQ upgrading all throughout (except 10 hrs where I did something else to align the time nicely). This pushes me into being a mid TH9 and I’ll finish up my guide for new TH9 soon.

Stay tuned


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