This is my attack log for my TH10 account today


Few raids using multiple zap spells, but quite worth it by exchanging elixir for DE. Unlike other comps, I’ve saved much more elixir with cheap troops such that my profit margin still maintains despite using all spells.

The problem with expensive troops is that, without heroes or spells, they’re barely better than barch so really not worth their cost.

Total loot= 5.96mil total resources, 27k DE

Average loot per raid = 331k gold, 331k elixir, 3k DE

Add loot bonus = 56k gold, 56k elixir, 256 DE per raid

This is why being at a lower TH level is a self imposed penalty, because my TH9 right now with both goblin knife or gibarch or barch cannot even come half as good as my TH10 account.

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