Here’s to share how my TH9 farms in general:


My current army is: 96 arch, 32 barbs, 12 giants, 12 wb and 4 minions. Total training time is 22minutes if I use all troops.

But look through my attacks, I rarely use all the troops available unless the DE is good as well. Most collector raids are done with no spells, 4-8 giants and all barch, this cuts my training time to 13-15minutes so I can easily do 4 raids per hr. I tend to look for at least 250k each or 1.5k DE for every collector raid I do.

My cc has bowlers and I train 2 heal and 2 rage spells to attack enemies. Storage raids can still be profitable at this level, just choose badly rushed TH9s and any TH8, my own minimum target is around 240k elixir + 1.6k DE before considering to hit storages.

This thread will prelude to my TH9 farming guide outlined here:



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