I forgotten to take pictures on both 22nd and 23rd, so I’ll just recycle the image from 21st.


Project the picture one day ahead, and my BK is going to lvl14 now, loons going to lvl5 and done with all my lvl7 collectors.

In the span of 4 months, I have 13/15 royals which is something most maxers only get after 1 year of playing coc. So within a third of the time that maxers play, I’ve achieved the same thing as them. Slightly weaker troops don’t impact me at all for gaining loot and proper engineering would ensure I’m an asset in wars.

Unfortunately, most maxers still think their way is the proper way to play seeing how many of them complain the supercell forums. They still complain over engineered bases because they think maxing is supposed to be beneficial. What people need to understand is that maxing confers no additional benefit compared to rushing in terms of loot retention, war performance and loot gained. In fact, maxing is quite the opposite in terms of those 3 factors

In another month I may move to TH10 already as I see how good my TH10 is gaining loot up there.

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