My TH10 and TH9 uses about the same base design. Progress is going well on this account too, now just doing defenses, AQ and lab. With no other elixir upgrade left, I may start trying out miner attacks and see how it goes. For now, barch is king.


AQ lvl36 going into 37 right now. Have almost enough to upgrade her again, I just plan on getting 200k per week so that her cost is not a problem. So far, I’m getting 200k per week persistently easier on this account than my TH9 account, who only manages around 140k per week with more attacks done.

Not sure when to go to TH11, have finals coming up in 6 weeks, so may plan to upgrade to TH11 right before exams so I get a new TH11 right after. By then I’ll definitely have a lvl40 AQ already, and that’s almost the only requirement needed to go to TH11



This is an old account so lab progress is far more complete. This was my second account and to contrast my first account, actually maxed TH8 then maxed TH9 defenses. I moved on with 6 weeks of troops remaining, half legos and 20/23 royals. After almost 4 months of being a TH10, this is the end product. Besides maxing bowler and freeze, I’m all but ready to move on to TH11 with these troops.

Attack log:


Compare that with my TH9 log, loot is best in TH10 and DE flows like mad. Its borderline idiotic to remain in TH9 just to max heroes because you’ll be doing it much more easily in TH10

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