Just to share my views and experience in TH11 war.

The following has been posted in the SC forums:


Disclaimer: not whining about spam/mass attacks, just noting how multiphase attacks tend to be much weaker compared to spam attacks. My stance is that I like it more this way, less planning, stress and failures for me

Well, in my last war, we were down at 30-31 with better %. We only had 2 attacks left and the last attacker apparently didn’t show up. I logged in planning to do my attack in legend league just to see 6min left in the timer. I just chose the best looking enemy base and spammed my troops.



Whoops, accidentally spammed a 3 star and won us the war. Couldn’t believe it!


And this came out in the chat. They did a beautiful QW miner which was matched by my 3 finger miner spam

What do TH11s think of using multiphase attacks? I feel that they fail far too often and rarely generates results, using them will usually cause lower % and rarely in 30 attacks get triples on good bases. You’re better off using mass attacks in bad bases because you’re less likely to screw something up; while on good bases, you’re more likely going to screw up even more.

What’s your opinion?

PS: anyone wants to see the base I tripled? Just to ensure its a good anti 3 TH11 base
Edit: here’s the base with 4 corner builder huts, CC golem and loon


This is also why I say cc golem is quite bad. Just time GW tome properly and the entire golem is wasted, or just heal+aura is enough for miners to survive.

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