AQ going to lvl18 now. I might get her up to lvl25 before I can upgrade to TH10. I think I’ll start upgrading to TH10 at 7-10th of Nov so that I’ll get to TH10 right after my finals. Then after 2 weeks start upgrading to TH11 and reach TH11 before christmas.


Collectors going smoothly now that I don’t forget them as often. But today I overslept an hour so collectors unfortunately delayed an hour. Everything else uneventful as I prepare my BK to be upgraded to lvl16 tomorrow.

Truthfully, I’ve only used my AQ for an hour on this account and never used BK after lvl10. This is the dedication you need when you farm heroes and try hard to max them. After a while, you get used to having no heroes and using less than lvl40 heroes is worse because they feel so much weaker than they should.

Defense log:


Defense log of my rushed account. People say that having weak defenses means you’re getting crushed, not in my experience. People are fools to think that defenses actually protect loot when actually the lack of defenses is protecting me more.

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