Started upgrade on my final collector to lvl9. This is what mid TH9 is all about, with my definition, maxed elixir stuff is considered mid TH9 regardless of defenses and the entire mid TH9 is all about doing heroes and collectors.

Players who aren’t as active can use this time effectively to get both heroes and collectors done. This is why more casual players can rush and be very strong in a shorter span of time. Imagine if you had maxed everything in TH8, how would you manage 2-3mil gold per day for defenses and 20-30k DE per day at the same time to keep both heroes down? As is, it is quite easy for someone to farm 10k DE, 1mil gold per day to keep all builders down when you rush.

Btw, upgrading wiz to lvl5 in anticipation for lvl6 in TH9. After the update, wiz can practically replace arch in raids now. I’d personally only swap in 4-10 wiz per raid as the elixir cost can go way up and wiz aren’t very good at hitting collectors over walls


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