Just dropped my bk and I still have 63k DE. Next AQ upgrade would be 100k and 5 days to go, should be quite easy. Wizards 5 are done upgrading but the update haven’t dropped (this is still 12/10 early morning, update dropped at 13/10 early morning for me). I’ll just do a rage spell and do wiz 6 after the rage spell is done. Good thing I rushed lab, only 3 days delay before getting the new troop level.

Many people in the forums were having idle labs just to wait for one upgrade, but that action is quite bad. Lab is the only thing that takes longest to finish, never ever let it sleep. Being 14 days late of getting the new troops isn’t that bad because you still can observe and make the right choice. To me, anything more than half a day isn’t worth the wait. And since SC doesn’t publicly release update days, it is not worth the risk


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