Picture taken on 15th Oct

Just started Wizards lvl6 today, going to use more of them after getting them up. Quite disappointed with the increase in stats for wizards, but lvl6 is still fine. Its lvl7 that is more disappointing, he has 200 dps and 190 hp for lvl7, should’ve been at least 220 dps considering his fragility.

Besides that, just started my second xbow yesterday to increase my weight. Sadly, its still at a low 56k with both xbows only adding 6k. This is how easy it is to engineer, get to TH9 build and upgrade all defenses, except mortars which should be lvl0 and don’t build xbows. Tadaa, TH9 with sub TH8 weight but cannot be easily 3 starred by a TH8


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