Picture taken on 16th Oct

Just another day working on collectors and dumped all loot into walls. This is the right way of doing walls and heroes, not after finishing defenses but rather doing it all before starting defenses. Even with TH5/6 defenses, I’m still working on collectors exclusively because it would help me more. The only thing I’m cheating right now is working on xbows to raise my war weight.

Building new defenses tend to raise total defense power much more than upgrading defenses. I can upgrade 3 of my cannons from lvl6 to lvl8 so that I can increase 51 dps and 390 hp costing 1.8mil and 9 days vs I can build my xbow to increase 50 dps and 1500 hp costing 3mil and 7 days. I’m already using the best and cheapest example out there, so now do you realise how powerful rushed bases are? With more defenses and walls and spread out storages, it is actually harder to take out my rushed TH9 than most completely maxed TH8 (at least after I finish xbows and bomb towers)



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