After spending 83 days in TH9, this is what I’ve got to show for:


This is why you want to rush, and build the account correctly. Most TH9s reach here in a year and spend another few months getting AQ to this stage. I will keep upgrading her until about 25 before I start the TH10 upgrade. Admittedly, I will not have rushed heroes like I anticipated because I kept upgrading heroes here, but I’ll keep upgrade my AQ in TH10 to simulate a lvl0 AQ usage


So this is my base right now with AQ upgrading to lvl20. BK waking up in 2 days and I already have enough to upgrade him again. The costs of heroes are getting higher now and I probably will stop upgrading BK for a while since he’s so much more useless compared to the AQ. Walls doing great as I work on heroes and do not need to stress about defenses



  1. Man, I’m getting behind compared to you with heroes! Still got 16/16 heroes. I’ve kinda slacked on my farming the last few weeks. But now I’m back. I don’t have the same defenses as you do, what’s your war weight? I like to war sometimes and I don’t want it too high. I’m a th10, with near maxed walls and only archer towers, cannons, air defenses, and one wizard tower. I’m thinking I ought to build up to at least what you have. What do you think? PS-just starting upgrade the AQ nonstop once again.


    • Currently around 56k weight. Don’t build the new defenses, I’m still not too sure about how the weight is changed and calculated. So far my other engineered accounts facing no problem, but hearing TH .5s suffering

      The easiest way to manipulate war weight is to not build any mortars and underlevel a few defenses


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