Well, nothing getting done today, so just farming for BK tomorrow. BK costs 80k and I have more than enough for him. The next goal is AQ 21 for 105k next Monday, so I have to farm 80k in 6 days, should be easy.

How much DE per day is everyone else farming?



  1. I farm for 5k to 10k DE per day with gibarch around 1500 cups depending on cloud luck and dedicated time,
    I hope to do better soon as giant6 is coming in 24h and barb6 awaiting research. I don’t have access to good CC troops which leaves me skipping some very good loots.
    Being in TH9 for 14 days my AQ is currently sleeping for lvl7.

    I use a copy of your design and it works very well to avoid DE loss, most of attackers only 1 star me.

    Once again I thank you for the time you put in your blog.


    • That’s a good amount and definitely able to sustain AQ for few levels. Unfortunately I don’t own a clan so I can invite you over to give you troops. Try getting higher leveled giants/hogs if possible, those help though lesser than bowlers.

      Good luck and thank you for reading my blog! 🙂


  2. Currently aiming for 10-15k per day. Getting giants to 6 helped me immensely!

    I’m in a clan that wars at the moment and what I am tending to feel is that my war troops are underlevelled. What would you recommend?

    Giant 6, Barb 5, Archer 5, Gob 5
    WB 5, Loon 5, Wiz 5. Pekka 1
    Dragon 2, Healer 2
    Hog 2, Valk 1, Golem 1, Minion 2

    Zap 4, Heal 4, Rage 4
    Jump 1, Freeze 1
    EQ 1, Poison 1


    • Good farming! 10-15k DE is only about 10 raids per day and seems easy doesn’t it?

      With rushed defenses, you tend to face weaker enemies, I’ll go for hogs since it will murder most newbies easily. That is if you’re comfortable with goho, try it out in FC. If not, the fastest war army you can use is laloon (lvl2 hounds, lvl6 loons) but the learning curve is a little bit harder


      • Okey dokey. That’s definitely a few weeks away as my Dark Barracks is only just getting to witch capability. What do you recommend I do till then?

        The good thing about all this is that my AQ is sleeping and heading to level 10 as we speak. I haven’t even used her other than a couple of times inbetween training!


      • For war, maybe skip out first as you don’t even have TH8 troops. I’ll recommend you do more farming and get loons 6 and hounds 2 for war. Maybe start on arch 6 first then loon 6 then hounds 2.

        Good work! Try to let her all the way to 15 before you take a break. At 15, she’s already about half the strength of 30 already. But don’t let her wake too long as lvl40 is your goal. Looking at my logs, I make around 20-30k DE per day to keep both heroes down, so 15k per day is certainly enough to keep AQ down at least till lvl20


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