This is what my base looks like after 5 months of playing:


Now tell me, which maxer is even TH9 within 5 months of playing? Defenses do not matter much as long as you raid >5 times per day, in fact shield management is a much more important factor to determine loot loss.


Builders, 2 working on heroes, 2 working on collectors and 1 working on defense. After bomb tower is built however, I’ll resume doing barracks so that I can finish them to be able to train baby drags and eventually miners.

To be able to sustain upgrading 2 heroes, I need to farm about 25-30k DE per day. It is quite high, so I’ll probably stop upgrading BK after he’s lvl20. Doing solely AQ at lvl20-25 requires farming only 15k DE per day on average so that’s more manageable as I start working on dark troops (probably valks and minions) in my lab.


These are my troop and hero levels. Yeah, lvl1 dark troops and underleveled spells. Both don’t matter too much as spells don’t get great boosts when leveled and I don’t use dark troops to farm besides a few minions.

17/19 heroes and both are upgrading, a maxer by now would only have 10/0 heroes at best. Listening to maxers’ arguments is always funny, because many don’t have principles. They’ll say how important heroes are while staying at TH8/9 with poor DE income. Or sometimes saying how you need high level heroes and a maxed lab to farm.

People in forums always wonder why I always say the same things. Its because I always follow the same few steps and principles, “no point staying in any TH below TH9”, “don’t grind heroes in TH9”, “always barch collectors”. These are general and good advice that can be applied to anyone

Attack log:


Dead bases abundant today at G1/2, can hardly find any storage raid before a 300k collector raid pops up, no complaints here as I’m ahead of the curve in terms of DE farming. I’ll need the extra gold/lix for walls now. Using wiz who now train almost as fast as archers, but the extra elixir does cut into my profit. Finding them decent for now as I can use them to hit a TH9 collector+storage base

These 5 months have been fun, raiding and building a new village and uploading into a daily blog/diary/journal. Thanks for the readers who come daily and give me support, you are appreciated 🙂



  1. SoD – I enjoy reading your daily journey. I started playing on the 4th of July so I’m just a little behind you, but I’ve enjoyed comparing notes. I am taking a little bit different strategy to minimize overall war weight long term, but the core is very similar in strategic rushing.

    Thanks for taking time to share with others and help people understand how to play optimally.


    • Thanks for your support! Yes, my base isn’t optimised for war, its for fwa so I need as much weight as possible yet I’m still lowest in my clan. May start a new account, but I think juggling more accounts will make my life tougher.


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