Attack log:



Barch is all I’ve been using these days and that’s how I keep overflowing loot. Someone, tell me, tell me why there are still people who insist storage raiding is better. Among these raids, only 3 were storage raids, can you find them? Its the raids which tend to get the least resources available. Among the storage raids is the bowler raid, which takes 41min to train, almost twice the time of my barch army. Even then, its loot per raid doesn’t even breach what I get with barch.

Total loot = 6,524,287

Loot bonus = 70k * 0.8 = 56k

Avg loot = 362k gold, 362k elixir + 56k each

= 418k each per raid

Easy, easy loot. Just goes to show how powerful barch is. The best thing? 0% failure rate

I quote myself from a post I made another day in the forums:

“The main reason why I don’t storage raid is, any failure will kill my mood and I don’t want to play to be frustrated. This reason alone is above all the reasons of efficiency, cost and time.”

And that’s why I’m so against storage raids, even 90% success rate means that I’m earning around 10% less loot per raid compared to 100% success rate. And it can also mean that all my “above average” raids are now average to compensate for that single failure

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