My account is being moved to War Farmers 14 right now, so momentarily out of clan. Did elixir collector yesterday and did rage spell lvl4 today. Costs of my army will go up, and I’m not even sure if I’ll benefit much from it. Rage spell really feels no different from lvl2 to lvl5 and its quite sad.

This is a reason why rushing works, because SC adheres strictly to the law of diminishing returns. Unlocking something and doing its first level gives the most value rather than upgrading previously available troops/spells/defenses. There a few notable exceptions in terms of offense, but no defense when leveled up beats having more of the defense. Look at my base, with TH6 level defenses but TH9 amounts + xbows, the total dps and hp of my base is higher than any TH8 will ever be.

AQ waking up again tomorrow, she’ll require 110k and I already have 133k ready. Now I’m actually farming the DE required for BK when he wakes up 3 days later. I’ll need 200k by then so I’ll need to farm 22k every day, not too bad actually


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