Started my first lvl11 collector, and I’ll need 24 days to finish them all. I’ll probably miss out on lvl12 collectors and finally finish them in TH10. Plan to upgrade my TH in around a week, so I’ll have around 20/24 royals going into TH10. Its a little high I know, but I can assure any reader that lvl15 is more than enough to go to TH10. Farming too little right now, BK requires 100k and I’ve only gotten 62k. So I’ll need to hardcore farm 38k today, should be doable but I’ll have something to do later in the afternoon.

Farming a little slow because I’m focusing too much on my main right now. See that I’ve got my guard up, its very useful for rushers because we tend to be hit very quickly and doing other things/playing other accounts will expose us to attack. 10 gems for 2 hrs of safety, quite a steal especially if you’re like me and don’t boost



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