Notice something different about my base?


Here it is:


In preparation of TH10, I’m going to keep my BK awake for the initial phase of the transition. Lvl20, not bad right? Going to have some fun using him for this part of TH9, where he’s still strong. This means that my DE is going to invariably overflow as I keep both AQ and BK awake during the transition to TH10. I might keep AQ down a little more to prevent DE overflow, but I’ll most probably use BK until I max AQ or overflow DE

Upgrading the xbow to lvl2 as it gives 20 extra dps compared to lvl1. For its time and cost (4mil and 8 days), a little expensive compared to other things. But since it gets to fire the entire raid (troops circle the core) so it will undoubtedly prove useful. For comparison, I can upgrade my cannons for 200k and 1 day to add 9 dps apiece, 5 of them means +45 dps in 5 days

I’m going to buy the TH10 value pack (containing the lvl2 inferno) when I reach TH10. Hope the readers don’t mind and call me a “filthy gemmer” for it 😉 Its quite a good pack and after I buy it, I’ll post to say whether its worth it or not



  1. Well as th10 you gonna get DE much easier in the cost of elixir, i use mass miners and attack anyone giving 3k de and some elixir and sometimes you get dead bases with 5k and tons of elixir, fot lvl 2 miners and could keep both heroes down (22/22 atm i think).
    I neglected defenses and heroes until i maxed all elixir buildings and now i kept both down for this level while sustaining elixir, now since both heroes costs +100k which i can’t save up in the storage for both i’ll stop working on king as i don’t have much time lately (midterm tomorrow) and im impatient with nexting, i have to say farming dead bases with barch will give u much more de but it takes ALOT of nexting compared to this

    I made a spreadsheet when i started to upgrade heroes to see how it much i need for AQ or BK or even both on avg fo each 5 levels

    To keep both heroes down on the 20-25 i only need 32k de which is 10 raids only, which thanks to the new army and training way i can have both armies available instead of one in the same time so if i do 2 attack in the morning and 2 before bed that leaves me with just 6 attacks throughout the day.

    Im in game since mid February and
    Wanted to try every single troop so i rushed after getting wrecked with giant healers when i was th5 (already wasted couple of months by not rushing)

    Not caring much that much about walls (all level 9 but left few to dump gold later if needed, and few 10s)

    Here is my process so far

    Congrats on the process and keep up!


    • Good work here! I personally only barch because I want the extra elixir for walls. My TH10 who has maxed AQ is now mostly using QW + giva and the elixir bleed is real. I can farm 8mil gold easily and still only manage 5mil gold in the same time. When I barched, I could’ve gotten 8mil/7mil at the same speed I’m making it now.

      I almost always work on AQ exclusively and only do BK with extra DE. So only working on AQ is a good idea.

      Very good progress for a 9 month old account! Walls and heroes up to par, maxed TH10 offense structures and good troops. Another maxer would only be starting TH9 by now with 10/0 heroes, you’ve done much better than them.


      • Thanks, i hope i can keep up with you!

        I haven’t been getting much de (it takes alot more nexting than usual) in crystal and i think im going to drop to gold maybe

        It is true and that barch will net you more elixir but im not really bothered with walls as they don’t really help you with rushed defenses.
        Also i got like a year left of buildtime so i can cut do it slowly overtime ;D

        Upgrading heroes is such a pain as im not in a farming clan and want tk try them out desperately
        Gonna take a break from upgrading queen once i max valk and healers (queen would be level 30 by then) and hope to try bowlers

        Any tips with laloon or any attack vs th10s?


      • Crystal has a very sweet time to farm, I get dead bases very quickly when I farm at the right time of the day.

        Yeap, sounds like a good plan. Try working on BK once AQ is 30 for like 5 weeks then get her to max. To attack TH10s, no real attack in war but mass bowlers and mass valks seem to do ok.


      • Yeah i know different times of day has better loot (i used to farm at a specific time when i was barching)
        But lately it is alittle harder, maybe just variance

        Do i need heroes for valks? I know i do need queen for bowlers but what about valks?

        Ty and gl with finals


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