Its day 113 of me being TH9 and I’m happy to say that its my last day being a TH9 🙂

Tomorrow will be the day I reach TH10:


Just need to fill back my storages after spending on healers to lvl4. I actually already have 6.6mil/5.8mil right now as I’m typing. Knowing TH10, I know I won’t have problems farming in TH10 and I’ll actually probably need to gem upgrades and keep a builder free while I’m on my holidays after I finish my finals.


I’ll only have 4 builders to start out tomorrow and will keep my AQ down so that I’m having 20/0 royals when I reach TH10. I want this journal series to be a guide for newer rushers to emulate and follow, having stronger heroes just doesn’t portray it well. Despite that, I think I’m going to buy the inferno pack tomorrow to speed up my journey. I’ll recommend it to rushers because adding a lvl2 inferno right off the bat will double the strength of your defenses immediately as a new TH10.

I’m having my final paper today in 5 hrs time and hope to post more during the my semester break 🙂


  1. Hello
    I am currently at th9 I have max defenses and a lv20 aq and a lv10 bk I also am half way through lv9 walls I have 125 of them. When should I upgrade to th10 ?


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