New TH10! Using a date calculator, I’ve counted that I’m now 180 days since starting the game. So in half a year, I’ve progressed from a TH0 into a TH10 with an account that looks like this:


On the brink of TH10, saving as much resource as I can to start out. Actually I only need 7.2mil elixir and as much gold as I can get.


TH10 base, with all the new things I want to build started and walls built. I’ve bought the new TH10 gem pack and have gotten 2.5k gems with a lvl2 inferno and 6mil gold. The key here is the lvl2 inferno as that is a straight up 185 dps boost to my entire base. I’m building my second inferno as we speak and that will boost my dps even more.

I have no care for war except for FWA. And in FWA, you need as much weight as you can which is the complete opposite of how normal wars work.

Rearranging my base:


Now, I’m ready to start out my TH10 journey. Farming for all new high yield upgrades and quickly improving my strength within the next 2-3 weeks.

I’ve started: lab, spell factory, inferno, new collectors/cannon/AT

My final builder is still working on AQ which is used to handicap myself due to higher level heroes and buying the gem pack.



Here are my troops as I move into TH10. Lab has healers working so that will complete together with my lab upgrade. My first TH10 lab upgrade would be arch followed by barb.


  1. nice. my mini account just reached th10 yesterday. i didn’t buy gem pack though. it’s tempting, but i commited to not spend any dime for my mini account, unlike my first account. LOL
    btw what is the first troops u will upgrade when the lab finished?? i ussually upgrade archer first, but maybe i want giant first.


    • Yeah, the main lure of the gem pack is cutting 17 days off builder time so that I can have an inferno immediately. Being rushed + inferno instantly brings me up to mid-max defensive strength so for me its worth it.

      I’m getting arch then barb. Unfortunately, giants lose their strength in TH10. 900>1100 hp just doesn’t cut it against TH10 or even TH9 bases. Too bad though, giants really need around 1300 hp at TH10 to be decent


  2. Hey again! Posted here since people were asking about fwa.

    So I was able to get my main account into an FWA clan but had trouble as no one wanted TH8. Had to spam invite’s and got lucky.

    I have a TH7 alt that I am working on as well. Not confident I can get him in anywhere. You have any connections thay would be willing to take on an extra player? (And aspiring base rushing barcher!)

    I friended one of your mini accounts just to have an in game connection.

    Happy raiding and thanks for any help!


    • Haha, I think I need to do a FWA guide soon. Its harder as a TH8 to join unfortunately and TH7 is definite no. Rush to TH9 and drop xbows then you can join FWA easy and early. Good luck! 🙂


  3. Hello Sin,

    What should I have maxed or upgraded before hitting the upgrade button for th10?

    I am a farmer and I don’t war much so should i just go now or is there something important to upgrade.

    All my troop and spell elixir lab upgrades are done…I have a LVL 5 and 4 drills…a 3 maxed teslas and 1 tesla at LVL 6…1 maxed x now and 1 at lvl 1….heros are both at LVL 10…

    Should I go now or wait longer?



      • Ok I have all done other than AQ…she is at LVL 10 going to 11…everything else is good to go, drills…camps…dark/barracks…storages…WT…X bows…Traps…Should I just go to th10 because my lab is done and I am bored…I want to defend better so I want IT…but the choice will be up to your answer! I’ll say it again…everything is almost done but the AQ…


      • If you are bored then just go. Is your lab really fully complete? And not to disappoint you, but ITs are really bad now after the nerf, don’t expect to defend anything even if you are a maxed TH11


      • Yes all elixir lab upgrades are done, only DE upgrades are left because my DE is going to AQ.

        I am really disappointed with IT nerf… are they really weak now…so are they not worth it now? But yeah all my elixir lab upgrades are done.


      • Hmm, then I guess you can just go to TH10 because there is no reason to make a wrong to right a wrong. Just remember to go to TH10 and start farming super hard for DE, you will need to be in G1-Crystal 1/2 and search for dead bases with 2.5-4k DE. If you raid 4k DE per raid every 20min, that’s at least 12k DE per hour


      • Lab is the biggest time sink. Keep it moving even if it slows down heroes.

        To me the bigger issue is that you had enough time to get all elixir research done but are only at 10/10 heroes. Sounds like you need to figure out how to farm dark elixir better.

        The biggest thing about following sins guides is that he farms a lot and he farms smart. He can progress because he knows how to get loot. Without that ability, you are just rushing aimlessly

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      • True…I dont know how to farm DE well or what league to even try at…Can you tell me? Give me tips and help…I would really appreciate it!


  4. Hello
    So have a th9 with max th8 defense and half lv7 walls and a lv10 aq with a lv7 bk and max troops except de troops so I was wondering if i should upgrade to th10 now or wait till I get all lv8 walls and start working on lv9 with a lv15 aq ?

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  5. hi sin
    i have a th9 which was a completely maxed th8. Now it has a lv13 AQ a lv10 BK max lab expect the de troops they are still at th8 max Laven expect the lava hound and minions which are max for th9. So I have around 70 skulls and I am wondering what I should do I can either go to th10 or work on my heroes and keep my lab sleeping or I could just work on my lab. I am a fan of th9 but my max elixir lab just hurts my heart, my defenses are half way through max. So max teslas max xbows,max wizard towers, 2 AD and 2 lv11 cannons, I don’t care about my defenses but since I am done with everything else on my base I just keep on working on them. I am wondering if my low level heroes will harm me at th10. And if th10 would be as fun as th9 since I enjoy th9.

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