Even as a new TH10, there really isn’t much loot issue. I don’t get why people can’t farm in TH10, I was expecting worse but here’s my log:


Pretty low average I know, but very servicable and I can do walls with this sort of loot. Going to work on farming troops and get to my coveted 400k average per raid


  1. So it seems that you’ve switched from gibarch to barch mostly. What is the reason, if any : training time, troops cost, fun, … ?

    I’m farming in the gold1/crystal3 range and I hit next often more than 20 times to find a decent loot, average must be 15. Is it the same for you ?


    • Slightly faster training time and much cheaper army. The main reason of using gibarch was that I can sometimes find whales (>500k loot in storages and collectors) and wreck them for good loot. But as a new TH10 without sf, it is not really possible to break bases like that

      So I just use barch and try my best to gain as much loot as possible. Yeap, around that many nexts mostly


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