Started all my new upgrades! This is the first round of upgrades and it may be hard to newer players to arrange. 3 times are happening today, SF and lab are completing which means troop upgrade is free. The first key thing to do is to upgrade lab: I started with archers. Since I farmed 7.5mil for archers, it isn’t hard to get 7mil for CC as well which is what I’m doing. The last builder is used to misc upgrade and I chose to upgrade gold mine.


Its very important to queue your upgrades wisely in TH10. It is the first time that almost all upgrades cost your entire storage capacity so it is inadvisable to have builders freeing on the same day. If it is unavoidable to have them on the same day, make sure they are of different resources so you can start them all easily.

Current builders:


Lab working on archers lvl7 as well

Defense log:


I simply cannot brain why people say maxed defenses are necessary in the game at all. TH6 defense and I’ve not lost more than 60% of my loot in most of my defenses. Defenses do not matter, base design and anti-intimidation matters more

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