Forums still have people asking how to farm. People who can’t progress are simply farming wrong, using the below raids, I can easily do 6-8mil elixir per day. That’s far more loot than I’ll ever need just for builders and lab.

These are the types of bases I look for:




Another round:





10 raids per day and I’m looking at 2.5-3.5mil elixir profit. That’s actually tiny because my barch is weak and I’m in the wrong league


  1. I think you could do better by being alittle more “conserving?” is that the word? I mean you use less troops and take the loss that will can literally double your rate of farming( i usually only use 1/3 or half of my army on most bases and get all collectors)
    You alway use the whole army


    • Yes, I like to be in slightly higher leagues and get the win. The main thing is that being in C1-2 gives me opportunity for the best dead bases.

      Sure, dropping less troops work as is mass goblins. The problem lies in DE, I want to farm all resources at the same time and not farm them separately.

      The problem I have with goblins is that I’ll eventually drop to low gold and silver, which have far poorer DE and I will need more effort to go up and work my heroes.


  2. True, but i meant for the initial upgrades which will take tons of elixir.
    You need 20m elixir just for camps which is alot of work.
    But yeah c2 had really good bases with ~300/300/2.4 bases.

    Level 6 barch is enough to sustain trophies at C2.
    Out of curiosity, are bowlers good with barch? I notice that u use them in cc alot, i usually find valks/giants useful as i need a tank not a damage dealer


    • 6.75mil * 4 = 27mil actually. But you’re right, it would be easier if I had not used all troops. But looking at my attack log and loot gained, I can easily get that amount (avg 4-5mil per day) and more. Look at my base, I’m actually still upgrading AQ while I’m transitioning into TH10, so the DE is important for me.

      Lvl6 barch with 240 space and heroes maybe. But lvl7 barch is almost necessary to be comfortable in C1.

      I use bowlers mainly because I have my bk awake who can tank and let them attack from behind. If I had no heroes, then valks would do better. But I do need 35 space in cc to bring 4 of them


      • I meant you need 20 for 3 camps (i thibk u started one?)
        Anyway you are right it is worth it DE wise.
        Im struggling to go to gold 1 because im too used not to use my full barch army!

        What do you plan after getting queen to max? Masters 2?
        I find good bases there and the bonus is enough to cover full barch army


      • Ah yes, you meant 3 camps. Today I’ve been using mass goblins and dropping trophies, check out my new attack log. Quite reasonable farming, did around 10mil each today which is decent.

        My plan after queen is maxed is probably stay at the same range and farm the same targets. No point in changing because barch is still the best after all heroes are maxed. Maybe I’ll do like my other account and do QW+valks, but DE and elixir comes in really slow


  3. Yeah i’ve seen it you dropped like 150 or 200 trophies and got some pretty nice loot.

    I meant you do QW + barch at maybe masters 2, u drop queen and healers on a side and barch on the others lvl 40 queen can sustain health vs most base designs you will face and the upside is that it will have max hp most of the time

    I don’t like farming with valks and so because it is expensive and it doesn’t train faster anymore (maybe before when u usually don’t use Dark baracks when farming)
    It also hurts me emotionally when i use an expensive army vs a dead base that i could have gotten with barch 😀


    • Yeap, loot isn’t ever the problem for me, its always the duration of the upgrades.

      Yeah, that does sound good. The good thing about valks is that they can take out bases with collectors and storages (those whales >500-600k), and that’s why I use them.

      Exactly! The feeling of using a heavy army against a dead base, I always feel like I’m losing 200k instead of earning that 400k/400k because simple barch would’ve got it and would be easier.


      • Yeah upgrade time is the reason i rushed, why to wait +20 months just to get lvl 1 miners?!

        True valks can do that but it costs so much to make them (not about de only but also elixir ) i mean it costs +2k de and +200 elixir to make it (mostly from spells)
        For an additional 100k elixir you could make an miner army (you lose 100k elixir for +2k which is decent considering u still have king + lab)
        This is my th10 mass mining at masters 2 and 3

        Excluding bonus, i have gained some elixir + ~36k de in ~4h which isn’t great but im not patient enough when nexting

        Problem also with valks is that they get stuck at walls and you only have so much jump/eq

        If i gibarched i would definitely use less elixir but i won’t get the storages also which makes it the same


      • Exactly, some people don’t know how to prioritise. If you max, lvl3 pekkas and lvl6 teslas are pre-requirements for lvl1 AQ and lvl1 hounds; lvl4 drags and lvl3 xbows are pre-requirements for lvl1 miners. Both scenarios don’t make sense at all.

        Hmm, looks good. Targeting only dead bases? I’ll give it a go, with my TH10 account after I finish my current valk army (queen dead smh). I’ll try alternating valks and miners in a while because I need more elixir for walls than DE for BK. When I reach TH11 (8 days to go!), I’ll be back using barch and valks because GW takes precedence.

        Yeap, its sad gibarch becomes ridiculously weak in TH10. When my TH10 guide comes out, giants are definitely not first priority upgrades unlike in TH9 where they can be used to bully TH8s easily


  4. Yup maxing could be inefficient in someway but definitely ineffective.

    Yeah i hope for dead bases otherwise i settle for th9/9.5 cuz miners take so long to reach ITs

    Goodluck with th11, warden will take so much considering that you won’t be able to hit th9s
    I see good amounts of dead th10/11 on masters, and the bonus will be a must sadly


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