Some people do still think that having rushed defenses = wrecked. Its so far from the truth right now and here’s my defense log as proof:



As you can see, I have zero, none 3 stars against such a rushed base in the past 5 day span. Heck, I haven’t even lost my DE once in this timespan. Its crazy how such a rushed base can defend much better than my nearly maxed TH10 account.

In my experience, these are the factors determining defense and defensive losses: (from least to most important)

Available loot > low intimidation > amount of defenses > attacker troops > base design > attacker skill > defense levels

I’ll create a mini-guide on this topic afterwards, because many players still think that defense levels are the most important and sole component in a good defense. In fact, its the most useless and pointless equation in terms of defense

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