Immediately, I spent 10+ gems to finish AQ and spend my DE. Finally, free from this DE cap problem, I really need to work on BK as well to prevent this sad problem. Got another 10k DE from my treasury and drills, so I’m 120k away from capped DE again. I think my other offense upgrades can wait as I think I’ll do double heroes really soon.

Just goes to show that hero levels are a non-factor when you rush to TH10. The only thing one should consider when going to TH10 is troops – maxed barch for farming, maxed valks for war and certain maxed spells for general usage



  1. Being rookie to war in what army composition you use valks ?

    Fresh news from my TH9, just have been 3 star by an unusual army comp (till today) : 28 giant 6 and 27 wizard 6 with both royals lvl 10. High cost army, but very impressive.


    • I don’t war, only do FWA. But if you really want to war, laloon is a really good army to use.

      Yeah, giwiz is practically unstoppable unless you have infernos because heal spells make everything unkillable.


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