A day of light farming and I’m 34k DE up. Doing that much DE, I really need to work on both heroes at once. I laugh at players saying “DE farming” and “elixir farming”, because they’re doing twice the effort to gain the same amount of resources. Why spend 10 raids to get 40k DE and another 10 raids to get 4mil elixir when 10-12 raids can get 4mil elixir and 40k DE?

Started my 3rd army camp today. Resources aren’t the problem, but the 10 day wait time is really long. This is why new TH10s who are clueless really suffer, the entire startup of TH10 takes 4-6 weeks before you get stronger. This is vastly different from TH8/9 where 2 weeks are more than enough to be competent.

My first army camp would complete tomorrow, so I’ll probably work on a 1 day upgrade so that I don’t overflow on resources.


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